Star wars rpg armor

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Star wars rpg armor

For example, an LBV with an encumbrance capacity of 3 and a backpack with encumbrance of capacity of Do I need to spend a maneuver to un-sling my pack to retrieve frag 4? I mean, no one carries 16 frags unless they're 40mm rounds and they're a grenadier, but the point is, I could do it. M67s weigh 14oz.

Top 10 Mandalorian Bounty Hunter Armors in SWTOR!

I can carry ish pounds, so you can't say it's the weight. My character is small. Could probably only fit two on the chest and 6 around the waist small. Point is, that'd be 8 encumbrance.

Vest has encumbrance of 3. Same goes for armor. I've seen some GMs say you can stack armor for its attributes, but not soak. IRL, if I have a kevlar weave shirt on under a Kevlar lined plate carrier, well, I can withstand more than if I just had one or the other. I see GMs saying that if the player can sell it, they'll allow it, but, if we're going for realistic, it's more like how can you, or anyone really, explain how it WOULDN'T work?

For example, if I wear that Reflex Body Glove under Laminate Armor, by what mental gymnastics can anyone explain how the body glove's soak simply doesn't apply because I have the soak of the laminate armor over it?

Again, if the justification for the prevention of doing dumb crap like wearing Mandalorian armor over Laminate armor is that it's unrealistic, the flip side to that coin is how can anyone realistically claim that if I have something that would legitimately and realistically work together, like Body Glove and Laminate, they just don't Makes you too powerful?

It's in the books. If they didn't want players to get that soak value, they should have specified so instead of describing Body Glove as being able to be worn under clothes I'm obviously a newb, and I'm not looking for like 15 soak and infinite backpack nonsense.

But if it doesn't make sense and it's just something arbitrarily there to prevent you from advancing an attribute like soak just because, I can't get behind it.

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AoR p. I don't pay alot of attention to encumbrance unless we get to kitchen sink number of items, and I think this line sums that up.

I just use a common sense approach and think in terms of volume of the items. When anyone wants to carry anything above what I consider realistic with some consideration for race and Brawn we can use the encumbrance numbers to represent how much past encumbered they are going. I realize some don't like this approach and they're paralyzed with the notion of being so cavalier with math, but my table hasn't burst into flames yet. I haven't had anyone storm out of my house in a blind rage at the audacity of my approach, so I assume it works.

Want to strap 16 grenades to your chest? Sure, but climbing that cliff will be slightly harder with all those snags. Overall your post comes across a bit power-gamey.Regarding the COV virus and its effects: Things are frustrating, and confusing, and scary.

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star wars rpg armor

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JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Propagandor Start date Jan 8, Tags star wars saga edition. Kordeth Registered User Validated User. If everybody and their mom walked around in the best power armor they could get, it wouldn't feel like Star Wars.

Rodnarok Silly, torturous games. Validated User. Propagandor said:. Scarik You die as you live. Rodnarok said:. And it's not like characters can't still wear armor, especially if it's part of their self-image or something. They aren't being penalized for it or anything. Don't answer that. Scarik said:. If you don't have Armored Defense you have to use the Armor bonus even if its lower than your heroic bonus. So unless you absolutely need the add-ons like air in space then you won't ever wear it.Forging a set of armor may turn out cheaper than purchasing it.

Furthermore, despite taking time and expertise, the armor may turn out stronger and better than anything one may purchase. If the character succeeds, the item is fully functional and has the profile listed in its template. If the character fails on the check, the product that comes out of the attempt is unusable, and the materials are lost.

Every Success the character scores on the check beyond the first reduces this time by 2 hours to a minimum of 1 hour. Other factors can also affect the time required, at the GM's discretion. Integrating results into construction. First, the PC can use Advantages and Triumphs to make improvements to the item. Then, the GM can spend Threats and Despair to add flaws. Unless a limit is specified, an option may be selected any number of times, and its effects stack.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Step 2: Acquire Materials, the PC acquires the supplies to build it. Step 3: Construction, the PC actually assembles the item with the check. Sealable: The armor covers the entire body, and is eligible to have the Vacuum Sealed attachment to it Limit 1.

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Practice Makes Perfect: Gain a Boost Die on the next check they make with the same skill before the end of the session. Lessons Learned: Reduce the difficulty of the Character's next crafting check by 1. Schematic: Create a schematic that permanently reduces the difficulty of creating weapons of this template by 1 to a minimum of Simple difficulty Limit 1.

No check is required to obtain this attachment, and it costs 0 credits. Heavy: Increase the encumbrance by 1. Poor Fit: Donning and removing this armor requires 1 additional action Limit 1.

SW Armor Attachments

Hard to Modify: Increase the difficulty of checks to modify attachments to this weapon by 1. Restrictive: Wearer of the armor adds an automatic Threat to checks for one of the following skills: Athletics, Coordination, Perception, Skulduggery, or Vigilance Limit 1. Fragile: When the armor becomes damaged, the damage always counts as moderate damage unless it would worse Limit 1. Supply Shortage: The character runs out of equipment midway through constructing the armor.

When the GM does so, the armor counts as suffering Major Damage, and thus becomes unusable. Once the armor has been repaired, this flaw is removed and cannot be exploited again. Categories :. Cancel Save.Setback: Difficulty: Challenge:. Boost: Ability: Proficiency:. Success: Advantage: Triumph:. Failure: Threat: Despair:. Mounts a single weapon to the armor that can be aimed and fired without using hands or arms. None 1,cr 2 DC p53 Hardened Powered armor only Prevents deactivation of power armor by electromagnetic or ion weapons None cr 2 KtP p56 Heating System Any armor that covers entire body and can be sealed Reduces difficulty on extreme cold Resilience checks by 1; Removes up to added to checks due to extreme cold.

On success, as an action. Character may holster up to 2 weapons of ENC 3 or lower, while holstered they do not count toward the character's ENC value. Add to Perception checks to find weapons holstered x2 ; Holser 1 additional weapon of ENC 3 or lower in armor x3 ; Innate Talent Quick Draw x1 cr 2 ND p52 Integrated Med-Systems Any armor that covers the majority of the body Activate once per session as an incidental, counts as one stimpack; All Medicine checks to heal wearer gain Successful Medicine checks to heal wearer heal 1 additional wound x2 2,cr 2 DC p53 Integrated Scanner Any Helmet Grants benefits of a general purpose scanner.

The first time the wearer of this armor is hit by an attack each encounter, reduce the damage he suffers by 10; the armor suffers minor damage and loses this benefit until fully repaired. Reduces the difficulty of Resilience checks for fire and extreme heat by 1; Removes up to added to checks due to extreme heat or fire None 1,cr 1 AoRCore p; EoECore p; FaDCore p Threat Monitor Typically integrated into the helmet, visor, or another place where the user can easily see it at all times.

Page actions Page Discussion More Tools. Personal tools Log in. Navigation Oakthorne. Game Calendar Portland Games. Chillos' Campaigns The Lost and the Found. Kurt's Campaigns Tales from the Careless Whisper. Enough oxygen or pplicable gas for up to 5 hours of submersion or in an airless environment Does not protect against vacuum ; Remove from physical checks due to underwater conditions.

Increase the armor's ENC by 2; When the wearer suffers a hit from a Melee, Brawl, or Lightsaber Combat check, after the attack is resolved, the character may spend or to automatically inflict one hit for 6 damage on the attacker.

Remove from Athletics and Stealth checks. Removes up to added to Perception, Vigilance, and Combat skill checks due to darkness, smoke, of other vision obscuring effects. Reduces difficulty on extreme cold Resilience checks by 1; Removes up to added to checks due to extreme cold.

Remove imposed on checks due to darkness, smoke or fog; Allows user to detect heat sources and motion within medium range. As an action make an Average Ranged Light check to secure the grappling hook to an object within medium range.

May be used to pull another character with; must make an Easy Athletics check to avoid losing his grip on partner. Increase ENC by 4. Activate once per session as an incidental, counts as one stimpack; All Medicine checks to heal wearer gain. Grants benefits of a general purpose scanner. Counts as having Slicer Gear controlled by gesturing or vocalization. Add to all Ranged attacks at long or extreme range. Decrease the difficulty of Resilience checks to resist the effects of fire and exteme heat by 1 x2.

Mount 1 additional micro-rocket x5 ; Remove from checks to fire micro-rockets x1. Adds to any Perception or Vigilance checks made to detect character in appropriate environment. Shed armor as a maneuver. Add to Resilience checks to resist radiation.

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Increase the armor's ENC by 4. Adds automatic to Stealth checks. Innate Talent Stalker x1 ; Add to Perception checks to see wearer x2. Once per encounter, as a maneuver, can have the armor repair iteself; Has Intellect 2 and Mechanics 2 for skill check.It is simple, every item turns out unique, and you have to a bit more work to create exactly what you want. In this system you could end up with results that allow you and the GM to customize other aspects of the armor, such as how much it encumbers the wearer or how many attachments it can handle.

In the simplicity there are a few holes that could possibly be exploited. Time investments are not as severe or as limiting as they can be in other RPGs. Someone can easily focus on being a crafter without limiting themselves to other areas of the game.

Much of that is left up to the GM, adding yet another thing for them to consider and rule on. So while I love this system, I have a few suggestions for anyone looking to use it in their game:. Time Place a limit on how many hours can be used in a game day for crafting. I recommend eight hours, but ten or even twelve might be good limits for the game.

Each hour past that limit requires a Resilience check to keep working without exhausting the character. Start at an average difficulty and increase the difficulty each hour. Threats can be used to deal strain damage, and despairs may harm the project.

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GMs can also rule that long periods of time count as a single encounter when they are used for crafting. For example, if the crafter has a full week of crafting open to them and they want to use it to craft six energy rifles they do not replenish strain until they end the crafting session set aside for those six rifles.

There needs to be at least one non-crafting session between two crafting sessions. Templates Do not let characters simply know all of the templates. The player needs to establish how they know the template they are going to be using. The simplest way is to use their background, but they may be able to learn templates through NPCs, purchase, or even experimentation.

The GM may rule that a crafter will need to use the easier templates first before attempting the hardest ones. Another idea is to have the crafter invest time into study by taking apart, and thus destroying, an item that fits the template they wish to learn.

This time investment could be half the time it would take to craft the item. If they want to learn a new template without destroying an item, they could spend a certain percentage of the crafting cost, such as a quarter or half, and create a prototype that can only be used a limited number of times. Lastly, if a crafter just wants to purchase the knowledge, let them use the same rules for finding and purchasing the parts for the item.

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The cost should be left up to the GM, but I suggest it be no lower than half the cost of crafting the item and no more than the full cost.Read more. Imperial storyline on the Jedi planet of Ossus. Choose your loyalties now in Game Update 5. The Onslaught Expansion is Live! The Onslaught Expansion is now live with a new storyline, planets, gearing system, and more!

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All rights reserved. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. You are about to leave this website Close Continue.The most recognizable symbol of the Mandalorian culture, Mandalorian armor was a catch-all term for the sets of distinctive full-body armor worn by Mandalorian warriors and soldiers throughout galactic history.

Known as beskar'gam in the Mandalorian language of Mando'a —a name which meant " iron skin" when translated into Basic —Mandalorian armor was central to the Mandalorian way of life. The wearing of armor was one of the Resol'narethe six tenets that defined the Mandalorian culture.

In an expansive community comprised of beings from numerous origins, the easily identifiable armor not only provided protection for the wearer, but a common visual identity for any and all Mandalorians, regardless of species or gender.

The specific design of Mandalorian armor evolved over timegaining more sophisticated features over the yearsincluding the incorporation of advanced helmet heads-up displaysand armor-mounted weapon systems such as flamethrowers and wrist rocket launchers. However, one of the armor's most lasting features was the T-shaped visor that adorned the helmet's face across its various incarnations.

Numerous materials were employed in the creation of Mandalorian armor through the millennia, from alum and durasteelto stygian-triprismatic polymer and the nearly indestructible beskar iron. Mandalorian armor forged from beskar was highly prized for its incredible resilience, and while sets of armor were often passed down from one generation to the next, beskar armor was considered the most valuable. The appearance of a Mandalorian's armor was largely up to the individual, as the highly independent Mandalorian people customized their armor with different colored paint schemes, clan and unit sigils, personalized glyphs, or other marking patterns in accordance to their own tastes.

The design of Mandalorian armor changed a great deal in the seven millennia after the Taung first settled the planet Mandalore.

star wars rpg armor

A Neo-Crusader in blue armor. The first, widely recognizable version was the Crusader Armor which was the signature armor worn by the Mandalorian Crusaders led by Mandalore the Indomitable during the Great Sith War.

It had a jagged, organic form that varied from soldier to soldier. The design of Crusader Armor was centered around defending its wearer during melee combat, which was considered by the Mandalorians to be the most honorable form of battle. During Mandalore the Ultimate 's reign as Mandalorethe Neo-Crusader armor was designed by Cassus Fett for use in the Mandalorian Wars to foster a sense of unity among the many disparate species being recruited into the Neo-Crusader movement.

By the invasion of Taristhe Neo-Crusaders' beliefs had spread far and wide among the Mandalorian clans and the armor all but replaced the earlier, more individualized suits. Neo-Crusader armor came in four colors, each corresponding to a rank—silver for veterans on the front line, gold for Field Marshalscrimson for Rally Masters and blue for all others.

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Later in the war, new armors were developed for use by special units such as the Neo-Crusader Shock Troopers. During the time of the Cold Wara proxy conflict between the Sith Empire and Galactic Republicboth Mandalorian armors and weaponry were seen in the hands of Outer Rim pirates.

Eventually, someone was assigned to discover the source of the materials.

star wars rpg armor

Millennia later, the Mandalorian Supercommando armor was developed to replace the older designs which were now referred to as Mandalorian Shock Trooper Armor. It was no longer full body armor, but partial armor that left limbs almost completely undefended, and focused its strength on the vital areas such as the torso, head, and groin.

The new armor was a collection of blast resistant plates, made from Mandalorian iron or duraplast, which were attached to a waterproof, armorweave flight suit. A liner shirt with a micro energy field projector and two layers of ceramic plates greatly improved protection around the chest, back, and stomach. This careful layering of segmented armor plates ensured mobility, which could be further increased by wearing a jetpack. The Mandalorians began to see the value of extra weapons mounted on the suit, and so simple dart shooters, grappling wires, wrist-mounted rocket launchers and flamethrowers were added to the overall assault capabilities of a Mandalorian Supercommando.

The classic Mandalorian design could also be seen in the armor of clone troopersand evolved from the basic clone trooper and Katarn-class commando armor specs to those of the armor of Imperial stormtroopers and the Emperor's Royal Guard. A Mandalorian serving Chop'aa Notimo.

This was a Mandalorian armor variant made from alum and they produced two different versions of it, one to sell to the Empire and one to sell to the Rebel Alliance.

By the Second Imperial Civil WarMandalorian armor, such as that worn by Hondo Karr and Tes Vevechad taken on a more segmented appearance, providing the wearer with maximum coverage and mobility. Mirta Gev and Ghes Orade getting married in their armor.


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