Famous hairstyles

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Famous hairstyles

Rightly or wrongly, what we remember first of all when we think of all the accomplished and iconic women of the last few decades is their hair.

That would just be ludicrous to do anything, but! And so it goes with some of the most famous, and easily recognised hairstyles of recent times. Veronica Lake's waves are still as wearable today as they were back in the forties and they're a certifiable red carpet staple. The key to its recreation is a side parting. This now infamous chop represented Victoria Beckham's transition from chart topping Spice Girl to credible and internationally successful fashion designer.

Twiggy's originally Lesley Hornby influence over a swinging and ever party-ready London was acute in the sixties. Women throughout the capital copied the model's signature spider lashes eye make-up and, of course, her glossy and elfin crop.

Whether it was sheared short and close to the nape of her neck, or allowed to grow out into something almost like a bob, Twiggy's hair style was seen everywhere and is still identifiable as belonging to her today. That hair! No one does it better than Tina Turner. Her wild - and larger than life - mane of hair from the 80s is instantly recognisable. It's difficult to pull off hair that big in the real world but get yourself a wig and you'll win best dressed at every fancy dress party you go to.

Popular Hairstyles

The late, and legendary, hairdresser Vidal Sassoon is frequently credited with cutting Mia Farrow's hair into a pixie but the truth is the Rosmary's Baby star cut her own hair. In an interview she explains that she had experimentally cut her hair short with a pair of nail scissors. Her then-boyfriend, Frank Sinatra, loved it so much she kept it short and trimmed it into place herself. Impressive stuff. So simple, so chic, Michelle Pfeiffer's sleek and glossy bob deserved its own credit in 's Scarface.

It's the fringe that does it, somehow transforming a rather ordinary cut into a style that's still popular years on.

What can we say about 'The Rachel' cut that hasn't been said before? This style inspired an entire generation to walk into the hair salon with a picture of Jennifer Aniston torn out of a magazine and ask for the 'The Rachel, please? Who has the most covetable hair in Britain? That belongs to The Duchess of Cambridge.

Her trademark glossy Chelsea blow dry has inspired a whole new generation to re-discover the humble - but impeccably groomed - glossy blow out. Remember that perm? We all had it didn't we? The tight curls and hoops combo immediately takes us back to Scott and Charlene's wedding.

Happy days. While fluffy curls - and even fluffier fringe - might have fallen out of favour they'll forever remind us of Kylie and the Eighties. As the original bottle blonde, Marilyn Monroe formerly Norma Jean came to single-handedly represent what it meant to look sexy in ?

While her blonde fluctuated over the years Monroe? Even today, these denim icons have lost none of their magnetism: from James Dean to Marilyn Monroe and Jane Birkin to Madonna, this straightforward fabric still speaks to the rebel in all of us.When you look at an old picture of yourself, you can probably pinpoint about how old you were based on your hairstyle.

Whether it's the bumper bangs of the '40s or the huge perms of the '80s, your hair really speaks to the era in which you styled it. We looked back at the main manes from all the way up until to to find the most popular hairstyles, so get ready for some serious nostalgia! The retro updo could be casual or fancy and formal, depending on the outfit and accessories you paired it with.

In the early s, the victory roll hairstyle was born purely out of practicality. During World War IIwomen were forced to go to work while their husbands were away, and this coiffed hairstyle kept their hair out of their faces.

Femme fatale Veronica Lake is remembered for her glamorous hairstyle just as much as for her acting chops. She made the peek-a-boo look famous in her numerous film noir performances, like 's This Gun for Hire.

Meet The Barber Behind Paul Pogba’s Famous Haircuts

She released five movies in that year alone along with the hit song "Stormy Weather"—and through it all, she rocked a soft updo that subsequently became one of the most popular hairstyles of the early '40s. Nowadays, the pompadour haircut is more commonly associated with modish males. Head scarfs were another practical style worn by the working women of the '40s as a way to keep their hair off of their faces. And following the fame of the Rosie the Riveter movie inthe look really took off.

After the war ended, women transitioned from hiding their hair behind head scarfs to showing off their deep side parts.

The transition from to took hairstyles from deep parts to no part at all. Actress Lana Turner was a big proponent of this hairstyle, which she wore in one of her major film roles that year, Cass Timberlane. In the s, women took their bangs and teased them into "bumper bangs," which lifted the hair off of their foreheads into a more rolled style.

Often they were upheld by pins, hats, or even flowers. Pictured here is Oscar-winning actress Barbara Stanwyck rocking the look. Keeping hair off of the face was all the rage in the s, and was no different. Sleek updos were the "it" look as the decade closed out, and actress Ginger Rogers pictured here was one of the most notable women who sported the style, like in her movie The Barkleys of Broadway.

To this day, pin-up model Bettie Page is most recognizable for her famous short bangs.January 5, by Raissa 3 Comments. It is very important to choose the best short hairstyles for women since it plays a huge part in your daily feelings. Having the right hairstyle can provide you with joy and positive emotions.

Find out which hairstyle is perfect for your personality and character by finding out who you identify with below. After all, changes are great and it can also add a positive outlook in your life. Feel free to browse our collection of short hairstyles for women and select the one that you like best. Originally posted by zhazha. Originally posted by pakifashion.

Originally posted by stylesmegz. Originally posted by athairstyles. Originally posted by voguepk. Originally posted by randomtalks. Originally posted by 2. Women with thick hair, do not worry. Here is your inspirational list of pictures of short hairstyles for you ladies. Originally posted by pinimg.

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35 Popular Haircuts For Men

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Originally posted by shorthaircutforwomens. Originally posted by slodive. Originally posted by pbscspace. Originally posted by fevebaloncesto.Popular hairstyles have come and gone over the years, that's for sure. As we look back at what the must-have hairstyles were in the '20s, '40s, '60s, and beyond, you'll find that the results are well, mixed.

Some are universally flattering, some are making a comeback, and some will have you asking — what were we thinking? From short and sweet to long and bohemian, to one particular cut you won't believe has come back in styletake a walk down memory lane with 95 years of the most desired 'dos.

These looks will certainly bring on the nostalgia. Who knows, maybe you'll find some inspiration for your next cut. Let's take a look back and see which of these memorable looks were all the rage the year you were born. As soft and ethereal as the early films this style was worn for, brushed out waves gave actresses like Mary Pickford a feminine silhouette. A thin, sometimes jeweled piece of fabric worn around the forehead, this style was dubbed the "headache band" — not exactly an appealing accessory nickname, but it looks so chic!

The total opposite of the era's fluffier looks, blunt bangs framed the face and thin '20s brows in the most literal way possible. Sure, films were in black and white, but when the public heard that movie star Clara Bow dyed her hair red, henna sales went through the roof. One of the most famous wearers of the Eton crop, Josephine Baker rocked her stunning slicked-down style with a "kiss curl," a thin swirl of hair on her forehead intended to add a touch of femininity.

A style that is still as stunning nowadays as it was then, finger waves was a heavily-styled look shown here on actress Alice Day that gave softness to sharp, crisp bob haircuts. Here, Louise Brooks shows off her thin eyebrows, bee-stung lips, and chic angular bob cut with swooping ends that was so popular during the '20s and '30s. Unlike the looser styles of the decade, many women, including Greta Garbo, preferred to pull their hair tight and low into a dramatic 'do.

A trend that has yet to go out of style, the deep side part was beloved by stars including Carole Lombard as well as millions of women alike.

Check out our simple tutorial on how to get it yourself. Similar to finger waves, the Marcel wave was a highly styled wave worn by the likes of Jean Harlow, among many other actresses. Hairdresser Marcel Grateau is often credited for inventing the technique, which involved using hot curling tongs to give hair deep, defined waves. Pin curls may have taken wearers a long time to properly accomplish each piece is literally twirled into a circle to set the curlbut wow, were they worth it.

Dorothy Lamour, among other actresses, touted a less curly style that had hair rolled into a neat silhouette. Though she was known primarily for her iconic voice, Billie Holiday's stardom also popularized elegantly accenting hairstyles with flowers — specifically white gardenias.

Starring in her most famous role as Dorothy in 's wildly popular Wizard of OzJudy Garland helped popularize the curly pigtail look. Vivien Leigh's famous portrayal of Scarlett O'Hara in Gone with the Wind featured a throwback Southern belle look with rolled-back hair. Worn during World War II by women employed in factories, this headpiece, made of cloth or yarn, held women's hair away from their neck.

Not content to keep things basic, stars like Betty Grable brought pin curls and finger waves to the next level with bold blonde hair, red lipstickand fun fashion. With the femme fatale at the forefront of both fashion and cinema, stars like Veronica Lake ushered in sexy hairstyles that hid just one eye for an air of mystery.

Delicate curls and waves brought softness to thick bangs and long bobs like Barbara Stanwyck's. After the war, many women signaled their celebratory feelings with a voluminous style dubbed "victory curls" — a 'do that would become one of the era's most famous.

A softer curled style stayed popular throughout the era, with stars like Rita Hayworth maintaining a deep side part and full waves. During the '40s, braided hairstyles rose to prominence, with stars like Billie Holiday donning crown braids and braided buns, occasionally weaving in pieces of fabric or hair in contrasting colors.

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As the result of an emphasis on mimicking actresses like Joan Fontaine and Lana Turner, stylish women opted for glamorous hairstyles like thick, polished chignons, sometimes accessorizing them with clips or pins. Linda Darnell and other famous starlets popularized soft waves without and harsh edges or heavy products.

The ever-stylish Grace Kelly donned elegant hairdos that influenced American women in the early '50s, prior to her marriage to Prince Rainier III of Monaco and subsequent retirement from acting.

25 of the Most Iconic & Famous Hairstyles of All Times

With her sex appeal, outrageous personality, and iconic style, Bettie Page and her famous bangs influenced those who desired an edgier take on traditional looks.In need of some major hair inspo? We got you. From Victory Rolls to undercuts, these are our 50 favorite hairstyles of all time — AKA the ones we're completely obsessed with. And yes, the mullet is on this list. Don't knock it 'til ya try it! The great thing about an undercut which, by the way, Selena Gomez has also been seen sporting is that the wearer can either show it off — like Rosamund Pike at the freakin' Oscars!

We love a hairdo that can have two personalities! Think feathered bangs are weird, outdated, and way too '80s?

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Check out this photo of Selena Gomez and think again! The trend can definitely go very wrong too much feathering and you've turned into your mom during her aerobics yearsbut they can definitely be edgy in the right hands. Fishtails are just a fancier version of a basic braid, which has made them a mainstay at celeb events. Hardly a red carpet goes by without at least one celebrity wearing a faux bob long hair that's pinned under to create a chin-length stylebut the trend dates back to the s.

Grace Kelly helped make it popular again in the '50s. When it comes to styling edges, the creative possibilities are absolutely endless. Blunt ponytails are currently popular with the influencers and supermodels among us — in part thanks to celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin, who has styled several of her clients with the look.

The good news? You just need some extensions and a pair of scissors to get Bella Hadid's look. And um, maybe a hairdresser. It's sleek, it's shiny, it's minimalistic, and it's oh-so incredibly '90s. But in case you hadn't heard, everything '90s is in again—so go ahead, dust off your flat iron and make Rihanna proud. Other than fringe dresses, finger waves like Bette Davis' might just be the best thing to come out of the s flapper era.

And yes, they're created using your fingers — plus a ton of product, super wet hair, and beauty salon dryers. Second of all, Space Buns are the coolest hairstyle ever. So the combination of the two is basically perfection. Of course we can't mention double buns without giving a nod to Brandy, who famously wore a braided version of the style in her Moesha days. We call them Old Hollywood Waves thanks to their prevalence in the '30s and '40s, but they've never really gone out of style for celebs on the red carpet.

The more glamorous the event, the more likely celebrities are to bust out this vintage look, and no one does it better than Blake Lively. Cornrows are among the most versatile hairstyles out there, thanks to their endless pattern potential. Alicia Keys completely slayed this zigzagged design in That's right, the bowl cut is on our list of favorites!

Sure, you probably haven't seen anyone wearing one since elementary school, but as Ruby Rose proves, it's edgy, it's daring, it's different, and it's completely unexpected. In other words, we love it.

famous hairstyles

Another one from the elementary school archives! This throwback look became peak chic thanks in part to celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin, who's been playing around with variants of bubble ponies on everyone from Kendall Jenner to Lily Collins. The key to pulling it off? Long straight hair, a lot of teasing or a Bump-Itand middle-parted bangs. Has Natalie Dormer ever looked cooler?

And FYI, while this trend was popular in the twenty-tens, it was also popular in the Edwardian era among men. Hands up if this photo immediately makes you break into a rendition of "All That Jazz"?

famous hairstyles

The '20s bob is a staple of the flapper aesthetic, epitomized forever by Louise Brooks, and usually involves short blunt bangs, and length that juuuuust covers the ears.Full stop.

Nothing flatters a head full of curls like a classic shag. This Pulp Fiction cut is iconic in its own right. Instantly make your hair look thicker by leaving the ends blunt and putting textured bend into the body. Curly girls are taught to be afraid of ending up with a triangle cut also known as the pyramid cutbut this modern version is changing the tune. The soft, feathered, and fluffy looks of the s are not to be forgotten.

This modern long cut gives a nod to the long-haired babes of decades past. Give your haircut an edgy dose of cool with choppy layers and bangs. It makes a plain lob look so last year. Keeping your haircut mainly one-length read: not too many layers! This lob cut is roll-out-of-bed ready to go at all times.

When everyone else is going short, why not go long? This low-maintenance cut is slightly longer in the front than the back, which elongates and flatters oval and round face shapes to no end. This length is not to be ignored. These Haircuts Are Going to be Huge in By Kaitlyn Yarborough. Save FB Tweet ellipsis More. If last year focused on natural texture and no-fuss hairstyles, is gearing up to be all that and then some. Ringing in a new year calls for fresh starts of all kinds, making it the perfect time for new hair trends to guide us straight to the salon.

Consider yourself sold. Start Slideshow.

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Baby bangs are here to stay. Image zoom. When you're ready to take the ultimate plunge, call this boyish pixie up. It'll do the job. Replay gallery.

famous hairstyles

Pinterest Facebook.In fact, many of the most popular haircuts for guys continue to be short undercut and fade cuts on the sides with longer parts, comb overspompsquiffsand textured hair styles on the top!

From classic to modern styles and short to long hair, these are the coolest hairstyles for guys to get right now. So check out our pictures of popular hairstyles for men before your next visit to the barbershop and be ready to walk out with a stylish haircut all the ladies will love!

The fade haircut for men never disappoints. The hard part emphasizes the cut and you can style the cut with matte pomade for a textured finish. This crew cut comes with a side swept front for a classy style. But the high fade cut on the sides and line up along the hairline keep the haircut modern. This spiky haircut features a textured top with a short taper fade on the sides. The natural styling of the short hair really makes this hairstyle look good.

A buzz cut fade continues to be a barbershop favorite because it is easy to get and simple to style. While the classic pomp is shiny and sculpted, the modern pompadour offers much more versatility. With shaved sidesa thick part, and a stubble beard, we highly recommend you ask your barber for this cut. However, just know it works best with thicker hair. This haircut for men features a clean bald fade on the sides and back with thick curly hair on top.

The curly hair fade is one of the best styles these days because it takes advantage of the unique texture curls have to offer. This cool haircut for guys features a low taper fade with a short wavy fringe. This is a super cool version of the faux hawk.

While the fohawk fade is a stylish, edgy haircut, adding in a burst fade is one way to make it unique and special. Use a strong pomade or hair wax to keep the hair spiky and styled all day. This trendy comb over fade is paired with a clean hard part and thick stubble. The low taper fade on the sides and back make it perfect as both a business professional haircut and a casual style. This cool medium-length hairstyle for men features a low taper fade cut with long textured hair on top.

Instead of a traditional slick backthe styling has been brushed back to offer volume and movement.

The Trendiest Hairstyle the Year You Were Born

The quiff haircut has been one of the hottest hair trends for years. With a low fade and hard part, this nice short sides, long top hairstyle exemplifies perfection.

How To Trim Sideburns. Taper Fade Haircuts. Dreadlock Styles For Men. New Styles. With so many shapes, styles, and lengths to consider, sideburns are an important part of your grooming routine.

Trimming your sideburns can help frame


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