Brno model 1 accuracy

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Brno model 1 accuracy

Print Thread. Hop To. Joined: May Anybody have one of these? I stumbled on to one and it seems like a pretty neat old school rifle. Joined: Sep I have one and it is a great "old school". Mine is very accurate. Joined: Jul The Wrong Side of the Tracks. They are neat old school rifles. The 1 - 5 great. All the old Brnos. The Brno Sporters in Hornet, Bee and.

Then CZ came along and sucked them up Joined: Nov Annapolis, Md. I agree. Too bad "new school". It would seem that we are devolving rather than evolving. New Zealand.Forums New posts Trending Search forums. Media New media New comments Search media. Feedback View Statistics.

Brno Model 2

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Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search Advanced…. Forums Sniper Hide Gunsmithing. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. EastBayRidge Sergeant. Aug 4, 7 22 East Bay, California. Anyone know if a Brno Model 1 can be fit into an aftermarket stock with a CZ inlet?

BRNO Model 2 Surplus 22 LR Rifle

Maybe a CZ ? I've been googling and searching to little effect. Thanks in advance! Jun 24, 4 0 0 54 South Africa. Did you ever resolve this question? I am about to get my hands on a model 1 but the stock is rather poor so am looking at alternatives.

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Jun 22, 0 18 AR. I think it can go in a Trainer or Lux [still a ]as well with some fitting of the sight boss I have 2 of these rifles, with the 2 stage trigges, and they are among my favorites. I guess you could send the stock out to be duplicated,but be aware that the process may damage the original Thanks for response - more or less as I expected.

My plan at this stage is to go for one of the new Boyd's RVT stocks which has a nice high cheekpiece for scope use. I'm sure some of you out will cringe at that but I'm not intending to do anything irreversible to the rifle. It used to belong to my Grandather but has been a bit abused over the last something years by my cousin so is in less than pristine condition.

A pity, because judging by Grandpa's other guns that I own, I'm pretty sure it was pristine when Grandpa passed away.

I also have a model B Mauser.

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It functions fine in use though Both scopes I use have 40mm a o front bells and sit just right over the barrel after I removed the rear irons. So, either get taller rings[Burris or CZ ] use a small scope or profile the bolt handle Love these old BRNO's but scoping is always a pain. Can't be worse than the Mauser though, which has one of those flag safeties so even if you profile the bolt handle you still can't use low mounts without losing safety functionality.

I have a very nice x28 mildot compact scope that I intend to use, and a selection of mounts acquired while trying to scope the mauser so I'm sure I'll find some combination that works.The city of Brno in the Czech Republic has been a home to firearms manufacturing for a long time, including handguns, Mauser pattern rifles, rimfire rifles, and machine guns. As some of you know Denny passed away the Summer He was one of the recognized experts for all things having to do with BRNO firearms, and was often found in online forums helping with any questions.

See our selection of BRNO rifles.

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The Brno plant continued with Mausers and similar. Then WWII happened. Germany took all control of Czech weapons production to make firearms for the Wehrmacht. More on that below. A governmental decision was made that all guns made or exported from Czech territory would be marked with the BRNO name and logo for the sake of marketing unity, regardless of which factory made them. This is a cause of confusion for modern day shooters made their BRNO marked gun. The Brno factory continued with non-firearm products such as tractors….

In the Strakonice plant handgun production continued longer, and then began moving mostly to CZUB as well. It is thought that by firearms production had moved entirely out of the Brno plant.

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Then came and the end of Soviet style communism. The de-centralization and privatization of factories in the new Czech Republic began, and by CZUB had become a private firearms manufacturing corporation. What follows is a primer on this interesting subsection of Czech firearms.

Model 1 rifles are the original first design from Limited production appears to have begun in late or early The Model 1 had a wide open ejection port, flip-up leaf sight, a safety on top of the bolt, and a fairly simple trigger although variations exist.

They are basically Model 1 pattern rifle, and opinions vary on its meaning.The Brno Model 2 is a no-nonsense, accurate rifle that has stood the test of time, writes Charles Smith Jones. The second largest city in the Czech Republic is Brno. It is the home of the Zbrojovka Brno factory, which has been manufacturing goods as diverse as tractors and typewriters, as well as firearms, for over a century. Although the light-machine gun designed there in the s and later produced under license in the Royal Small Arms Factory in Enfield, became a mainstay of the British Army as the Bren taking its name from the first two letters of each factorymention Brno to any shooter and they will almost inevitably think of inexpensive, unpretentious and totally dependable hunting rifles.

While Brno other model numbers were popular, it is the Brno Model 2 or ZKM that really caught the attention of shooters in Britain.

Intended to update and refine the original Model 1, production started in and continued until aroundwith a few minor changes to the basic design and a name change to the CZ Owners of a more modern CZ. Certainly, the rifle pictured shoots as well today as it did when purchased second-hand some 30 years ago and is still in regular use for pest control duties and target practice.

The Model 2 was offered in other rimfire calibres but is best known as a. The military style tangent sight, rather optimistically marked for range settings out to m, is functional but most users today may want to remove it to accommodate a telescopic sight mounted as low as practicable. Modern scopes tend to have much larger objective bells than earlier models, so this little extra space may be valuable. The job is easily done, if a little fiddly, and involves depressing then sliding the leaf.

There is sufficient space in front of the foresight to accept threading but it would be necessary to remove the foresight completely if you wanted to fit a model that sleeved back. When looking at any pre-owned rifle that has been used with a moderator, make sure that you check the crown and bore carefully. A previous owner might have stored the rifle with the moderator still fitted, resulting in corrosion and pitting.

I spend a lot of time with my rifles to complement my ferreting and trapping — especially at this time…. CZ Style.

If you are looking for a no-nonsense, accurate pest control rifle, this may be just the one for you. Home Reviews Guns Rifles. Product Overview Brno Model 2. Product: Brno Model 2. A telescopic sight replaced the tangent. The triggers are easily adjustable.

Verdict If you are looking for a no-nonsense, accurate pest control rifle, this may be just the one for you.Invite your friends to the conversation. Become a sponsor - Advertise here. All rights reserved. Shooting Australia. Brno Model 2 22LR accuracy Improving and repairing firearms. Rifle bedding, barrel work, stock replacement and other ways to improve your firearms. But I have never been able to get the accuracy I hoped. Over the years I have tried a few different brands of ammo including sub-sonics.

I have also tried free floating the barrel but that was not as good. I recently cleaned and slugged the barrel and it seems fine and the crown is un-damaged. Trigger is set at about 2. What ammo has worked best for other Brno Model 2 owners? What other tricks or tips can I try to improve accuracy? Good manners are free. The greatest invention in the history of man is beer. Text alone does not convey the full message.

Practice good hygiene. Don't forget they are hunting rifles not bench rest rifles so don't expect that sort of accuracy from them, mines good enough for minute of bunny head at m which is a long way for a little 22 killing power wise with reliable consistency anyway.

Brno Model 2 22LR accuracy

The only thing I've done to mine is put a Lowey Spring Kit in it - I don't clean the barrel at all either, no oil nothing, 22's don't tend to like clean barrels, they seem to shoot better with dirty barrels which works for me Mine seems to like the New Win Power Point Subs and a few other brands too can't remember which now sorry but even with ammo that doesn't shoot as well I've poked bunnies in the head out near m, I figure if the shots stay inside an orange at m the rabbits in trouble that's roughly the size of a rabbit head.

In this case I cleaned it to slug the barrel. I normally only clean the barrel once in a blue moon. Those rounds that have been though it have accounted forI guess close to rabbits. The odd fox but very fussy about the shots I take at foxes with the 22 these days, only close head shots on foxes.

Mmm you have a much nicer looking piece of walnut than mine. Had a tinker today and tha trigger is now 1.

brno model 1 accuracy

Should help. Remington sf. Today I removed the " locking washer" and this allowed me to backit off a little further.Remember Me? Results 1 to 1 of 1. The Model 2 was a revised and supposedly an improved edition brought out in I and some others debate whether it is really an improved edition or just different to meet a purpose. Some basic differences are listed below, but Paul as nicely addressed this I his excellent post.

Please keep in mind much of this was written a couple of years ago. The Model 1 has two different types of double stage military triggers This is essentially the CZ of today.

Many say hold the 2 as superior but this is a matter of opinion and not mine. I hold the Model 1 as the consummate ultimate 22 LR Sporter. The Model 2 has three gas escape ports on the receiver and bolt. The Model 1 has none.

brno model 1 accuracy

Model 2 appears to be better The Model 1 has a three leaf rear sight with graduations for fifty, seventy five and one hundred yards meters. The Model 2 has a tangent rear sight with Once again, the Model 2 seems superior. The Model 1 has a safety on top of the bolt somewhat like the original Model The Model 2 has a safety lever that sticks out to the side and is easier to use if the rifle is scoped.

Old 39A loves this fact on the Model 2. I just like it straight in line when in fire. Personal preference maybe more related to familiarity than anything. I wouldn't hesitate in buying an old Model 1 rifle. In fact, I own vintage Model 1 and a vintage Model 2 and cannot decide which I like best.

Brno Model 2 I will defer to address this at a later date as this area alone could become very large. I will address it in depth later. Just FYI Model 2 Brno: Manf. They are faily inexpensive here in US in comparison with Brno but they don't appreciate in value like Brno.

I would say go for Brno ZKM if you can find affordable. Model 2 was design and developed by Brno Arms and manufactured by them til Rifle is all steel, no plastics, trigger mechanism is the same for both. The time now is AM. All rights reserved.Choose the Right Resume for Your Work ExperienceBefore you start writing your resume, choose a type of resume that highlights your strengths and achievements, review what information to include in your resume and examples of each part of a resume, and then select a typical resume format.

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brno model 1 accuracy

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